Capacity: 50ml

This is a product of Mibiti Prudente, designed to be used ONLY by professionals, who are thoroughly trained and experienced with chemical peels. It helps to remove dead skin cells, oil and sebum and prepare the skin for the next steps of the peel. In adddition, the product balances skin pH, buffers for the penetration of the following acids as well as plays a role as an intermediate acid that prevents the skin from being shock by pH decrease.

  • Citric acid: alpha hydroxy acid extracted from Citrus. In a pH-correct formula, lactic acid exfoliates cells on the surface of skin by breaking down the material that holds skin cells together.
  • Willow bark extract: have some anti-inflammatory benefits for skin because, in this form, Willow Park appears to retain much of its aspirin-like composition.
  • Chamomile extract: Chamomile has moderate antioxidant and antimicrobial activities, and significant anti-platelet activity in vitro. Animal model studies indicate it may have potent anti-inflammatory action, some antimutagenic and cholesterol-lowering activities, as well as antispasmotic and anxiolytic effects.
  • Witch hazel extract: Commonly used plant extract that can have potent antioxidant properties and some anti-irritant properties.


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