Capacity: 50ml

This is a product of Mibiti Prudente, designed to be used ONLY by professionals, who are thoroughly trained and experienced with chemical peels. It helps to remove dead skin cells, oil and sebum and prepares the skin for the next steps of the peel. In adddition, the product balances skin pH, buffers for the penatration of the following acids as well as plays a role as an intermediate acid that prevents the skin from being shock by pH decrease.

  • Organic acids: extracted from plants, fruits and many other sources. In a pH-correct formula, these acid exfoliates cells on the surface of skin by breaking down the material that holds skin cells together.
  • Salicylic acid: an oil-loving Beta Hydroxy Acid that stimulates exfoliation in the skin, clearing pores and promoting new cell growth. Reduces inflammation
  • and smooths skin’s surface. Powerful acne-fighting ingredient.
  • Willow bark extract: have some anti-inflammatory benefits for skin because, in this form, Willow Park appears to retain much of its aspirin-like composition.
  • Licorice extract: extract that has anti-inflammatory properties. In addttion, licorice root contains constituents that work to interrupt the stimulation of an enzyme that activates melanin production, so this part of the plant can be effective for improving dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Deoxy-arbutin: promotes skin lightening by blocking melanin synthesis by tyrosinase. A natural plant-based derivative of hydroquinone.


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